un jour comme celui-ci...


...Un jour comme celui-ci... (A day like this) 2002
For guitar solo
Dedicated to Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

Since 2000 I have composed 3 works for classical guitar (“ASI…” for guitar and CD – commissioned by INA-GRM Paris, “ZEU…” for guitar and orchestra – commissioned by Radio France and “…Un jour comme celui-ci…” for guitar solo). The sound material and inspiration sources in common with the three pieces belong to the music of oral tradition, like flamenco, Iraqi traditional music, Japanese music, South America.

My reasoning of these traditional musics in my art, is only familiar through the use plucked string instruments from different countries.
The study of this music coming from the oral tradition and played on plucked strings (way of playing, rhythm, melodic environment, articulations…) has allowed the fusion of these techniques of popular tradition with those more characteristic of classic guitar.
The objective of this work was to contribute to enlarge the sound possibilities of the chosen instrument. The difficulty of interpretation for the musician relays in the assimilation, the fusion and the unity in playing; fundamental conditions for an execution of the piece according to the idea of the composer.

José Luis Campana