Only two


Only two... 1998
Tangata for amplified guitar and percussion.
Dedicated to Mars Scheidegger (guitarist) and Guy Frisch (percussionist).

Numerous composers in the twentieth century have exploited traditional music, like Debussy and Ravel with the Spanish music, Stravinsky and Bartok with the folklore from their own countries, and more near our time Berio, Ligeti and Reich.
“Only two…” is the seventh of a series of works called “Tangatas” written for solo instruments, duo, quartet, voice and ensembles, often associated with an electronic part with a CD. These scores recall some elements of contemporary tango music. The composer does not try to paraphrase a pure genre, but to transmit his own roots and print energy to the internal movements of the score.
For the auditor, the perception of these rhythms of traditional source could be recognized trough the mutation that the composer has imposed upon them.

José Luis Campana