Begiratzailearen nahia


Begiratzailearen nahia was the second piece that Iñaki Estrada composed for the guitar, one year after Oreka.

Ezinean (which means “in vain”) puts the guitar in an aggressive but spectacular situation due to the combinations of different musical gestures (pizzicatos Bartok, slaps, rasgueos, glissandis and right hand percussion on the tastiera), the musical line and its vertical are always opposed, the dynamic in the score is the element of unity in this section, the transitional elements of this musical gestures make a perfect and coherent discourse, which will take us to a very different section, where no musical element has disappeared, all the elements are mutated and their played in a very different way, the sound of the guitar is open and opposes the precedent section in which the guitar was not able to breath. At the end a small coda appears with elements of the beginning with a conclusion in which the loud rasgueo is transformed in to a very soft pizzicatos in a high pitch, opposing once again the elements.

Izarren hautsa (tail of star), this beautiful litany was composed when my grandfather passed away. The open resonance of the guitar is made trough a polyphonic discourse constructed by open strings, resonance pizzicatos and a very open pitch combination. Quartertones are present in the piece made trough guitar bending and give a very unusual colour to the work. The piece is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Febronio Chavarría.