Grégoire Lorieux


Grégoire Lorieux (*1976) is a composer and a computer music designer at ircam, the french leading institute for music and technology.
Studies first early music (recorder, with Denis Raisin-Dadre and other Doulce Mémoire staff members), then dedicates himself to composition both instrumental and electro-acoustic, with Philippe Leroux. Follows an orchestra conducting course with Nicolas Brochot.
Meets Brian Ferneyhough, Brice Pauset and Stefano Gervasoni in Royaumont courses in 2001, then sent to Buenos Aires center for electroacoustic music LIPM. He also meets Klaus Huber in Acanthes courses in 2003. He composes a CD for little children : Tigouli au bord de la mer, this CD gets an important press award in France. This project now takes the form of an interactive installation in which he participates.

In Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris, studies musical analysis with Michael Levinas, composition with Frédéric Durieux, Marco Stroppa and Gérard Pesson. Grégoire Lorieux has presented two seasons of "talking concerts" in Centre Pompidou (Paris) commenting works from ircam ("une heure une œuvre"). In the education department of ircam, he focuses on activities for young people (a educational prototype called "Les Ateliers de la Création"), musicologic activity (mainly on the work of the composer Kaija Saariaho), and development of pedagogy and specific repertoire of mixed music (instrument + real-time electronics) for very young instrumentalists. Belongs to Multilaterale and Smash ensembles as electronic musician.

Founded ensemble diffraction (electro-acoustic improvisation and musical theatre) with T. Walter and W. Wendling, la compagnie le fiacre (theater and multimedia) with C.Pradet, and fleur inverse (medieval music and original compositions for early instruments, jazzmen and electronics). Grégoire Lorieux receives the "Young Composer Prize" of Sacem in 2009 and follows the program of experimentation in arts and politics of Sciences-Po, Paris, in 2012.