SMASH Association

SMASH Association is a non-profit organization established in Salamanca (Spain), whose main goal is to enrich culturally our society through contemporary classical music. Since 2006 it has become one of the most important specialized institutions in this area in Europe, due to the variety of activities and artistic projects hybridized with the classical music of nowadays.


Increase cultural awareness in society through the promotion and creation of music.


- Rebuild and reinforce cultural bonds through music, philosophy and the art of today.

- Transmit to society the knowledge and vision of today's artists, heirs to the tradition.

- Offer an alternative way of living with art through comprehension.

- Promote our society’s artists work.

Our global view allows an intense exchange of live artistic creation between Spain and the rest of the world. The three main transmission devices that help us fulfill our mission and objectives are:

SMASH ensemble
A "cluster" of leading European musicians, that display virtuosity, energy and artistic excellence, all specialized in contemporary classical music.

Festival Internacional SMASH de Música Contemporánea
One of the most prestigious communication platform in Spain linking, philosophy, education and music.

Pedagogy: conferences, didactic concerts, master classes and workshops.
The primary element that raises cultural awareness, integrates, educates and creates new audiences for music.

SMASH Association is officially supported by the Government of Spain through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and has the financial support of private institutions such as the AIE (Sociedad de Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes de España) y la Fundación FCH (México).

For more information on the fundraising law in Spain and financial grant incentives for our cultural projects, please go to our contact section.