Pierrot Lunaire / Bunraku

Pierrot Lunaire/Bunraku

An artistic proposal that gives another angle view of one the most important works of the XXth century. Bunraku puppets along with a japanese staging and a begining of XXth century costumes; offers a kaleidoscopic view of time and aesthetics. An important and interesting relecture of a work fully expresionist but very close to the surrealism that came the years after it’s creation.


“...a extremely rare experience and, nevertheless, very beautiful. A simple staging, inspired by the Bunraku art, had three actors handling four puppets with great skill, and that inexpresive-expresiveness so peculiar in japanese art...”

“...the musicians of Smash ensemble played with full confidence and musical inteligence this complex score...”

“...the kaleidoscopic music and that strange recite-sing of the soprano made us easily believe, that she was telling, in a archaic language that our subconscience believed understood, a story of samurais and japanese wraiths that was also far from us, exotic and trascendental...”