Philosophy - SMASH & Art

“...The destructive character sees nothing permanent. But for this very reason he sees ways everywhere. Where others encounter walls or mountains, there too, he sees a way...”

Walter Benjamin (1892-1940)

Cogito ergo sum
With that reasoning René Descartes would make a breakthrough in the history of philosophy and the way we perceive our existence as individuals. Awareness of art, from its inception until today, has been a positive and exceptional quality that makes us different from other living beings that inhabit the planet. The basic vital and social subsistence of the human being, achieves minimally to differentiate him from other forms of life; but the expression or impression that humans can generate, capture or reproduce, is a virtue that makes us feel, communicate and, therefore be conscious of our environment.

Ars subtilior
Musical manifestations of classical heritage are amongst the few oral transmission devices that exist today about the reflective capacity of the human being. Modern art creators, inheritors of the tradition, continue a historical transgressive dialogue between the ages in order to create an art attached to society and history, and at the same time, visionary of a New Way, thus, being a noble and unifying ground for social structure.

Music produces dialectic beauty: that of a speech which is not a language that can be mastered and understood, a speech that belongs to nobody, a speech in which a single tint has infinite interpretations, a speech that evidence the non-determination of life.

SMASH was created to transmit the reflection of the contemporary creators: a communication device between the voice of the human creator and society; offering a social element open to exchange, in which seeks that art, in its musical expression, will make part of a fulfilled life.

Circus Maximus 

Throughout history, there have been products specially created for entertainment and amusement, with a inmense broadcast to reach society quickly and directly.

The mass production of wares that generate no real satisfaction, is corrosive to society and its ways of feeling, as it strongly limits or eliminates reflection and leads to a disabled social communication.

The prompt of these products in recent times threaten with the sudden vanishment or segregation of the fine arts. The lack of distribution channels within our societies, in addition to the uncoordinated and ignorant approach of the few cultural events, provoke their destruction against the entertainment industry.

In the XXI century, exists the possibility of a new renaissance of the fine arts through external structures, responsible and with non-political concerns, they can regenerate the culture of fundraising and thereby impel the state to contribute to the foment and protection against ignorance, an ignorance that has invaded a melancholic society that lives from the remote past, with an uncertain future and, subordinated to fast consumption.

Such structures are not only required to optimum quality in their artistic abilities, but must know all the problems which confront the arts and thus track down the areas where to act to create real artistic impacts on society.

SMASH is an artistic structure that holds all these qualities and skills. We want and we need to provide effective actions with strategies specially fit to our time, and therefore revive a wider reflection on life, creating paths towards an artistic-social New Way.