Reynolds, Roger


Roger Reynolds is an American composer born July 18, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan. He received an undergraduate degree in engineering physics from the University of Michigan where he later studied composition with Ross Lee Finney. Together with fellow Michigan classmates Robert Ashley and Gordon Mumma, Reynolds was a founding member of the ONCE Group. After finishing his studies, he lived abroad for seven years, first in Europe then in Japan. In the late 1960s, he returned to the United States and settled in southern California where he has been based to this day.

He is a long-time professor of composition at the University of California, San Diego. He is the first and only faculty member in the arts in the entire UC system to hold the rank of University Professor.

Roger Reynolds's works most often include text and electronic elements; he is especially a pioneer in multichannel spatial explorations. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1989 for Whispers Out of Time, a composition for string orchestra.

He says, "I believe in as wide a range of musical involvements as is feasible given the reality of life." (Swed, 1993)